Visionary Founder Alexandra Cousins Blends Natural Healing and Cutting-edge Science to Revolutionize Healthcare, Focus on Regenerative Living and Demystify Disease

THE origin story

Enlight.Life was founded in 2021 by the visionary Alexandra Cousins as an evolution of LIVINGmucusFREE which was the company under which Alex and her husband, previously were running online health coaching programs since 2014 and retreats globally.

Under LIVINGmucusFREE Alex was teaching fasting, cellular detoxification and regeneration on a high raw food diet. Whilst many lives were changed, eventually Alex expanded her expertise into the area of anti-aging (even though she stands more for healthy aging rather than being anti anything), regenerative medicine, enzyme therapy and peptide therapy.

Out of those studies, EN.LIGHT LIFE was born. Enlight.Life offers an innovative and cutting edge hybrid approach where THE BEST OF NATURAL HEALING MEETS THE LATEST SCIENTIFIC INNOVATION, together with the correct emphasis on energetics that are always at play whenever there is dis~ease. Alexandra has a profound ability to bring all elements together giving each element its rightful place without being dogmatic in any way.
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With her unique and grounded approach, Alexandra has quickly made a name for herself
Simply for the profound RESULTS she has been able to deliver to her clients who tend to often have “incurable” or very difficult cases.They have tried the proverbial “everything” and gotten nowhere.

Alexandra’s interest in health began at a very early age and continued into her early 30’s, and even though she still does not like to talk about her deeply mystical experiences as a child, those events shaped her in profound ways and prepared her for her current role. Her own health tribulations saw her go from “expert” to “expert” around the world for many years seeking answers whilst also studying various health philosophies and working in top health Spas around the world with a short stint in high fashion and interiors.

When her health crashed, finding herself bedridden in 2014, Alexandra decided that it was her sign to drop everything and become her own “health guru” and expert and to finally put to the test everything she had been intuiting. She managed to fully recover her health, beyond what she ever thought was possible and felt called to share her findings with the world and very soon had an organic following and clients from all over the world.

Alexandra’s relentless pursuit to find deeper answers and to demystify dis~ease continue to drive her passion.

She is now teaching her methods and protocols to Dr’s, nurses and other health experts as well as lay people who are eager for answers beyond what is available.

 Not being a medical Dr herself has forced her to study even harder and to second guess herself over and over for many years but ultimately, RESULT SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. In Alex’s words “I may not be able to outtalk Dr’s, but I have outperformed them many a times”.

With ENLIGHT Life, Alexandra’s mission is to DEMYSTIFY DIS~EASE and bring her teachings around true regenerative medicine to those who are interested in true and lasting health as in REGENERATIVE LIVING.

Whilst part of her genius is in creating powerful protocols and sourcing the world's most efficient products, her real passion is in education and her vision is to create a new model for health that revolutionizes the current model. 

Today, ENLIGHT Life is made up of a powerful team of people, most of them elders with as many as 50 years of experience in research, Dr’s with clinical experience, product formulators and deep personal wisdom to offer.

Enlight.Life is developing a new approach to healthcare that is based on prevention, personalized medicine, and regenerative medicine.

The company is developing a suite of products and services that will help people live healthier lives along with an Academy to educate the practitioners of the future.

Since 2019 we have also been running a Non Profit organization in South Africa - UBA Wellness Challenge - where we teach previously disadvantaged communities and individuals how to reclaim their health and regenerate their bodies naturally. In 5 years we have changed over 5000 lives and are committed to taking the NPO globally within the next two years.


We provide proven and comprehensive protocols that combine EFFECTIVE detox, regeneration and rebuilding support that goes DEEP ENOUGH on all levels -this is very important and often one of the areas is overlooked, which is why full recovery and regeneration does not happen.

We do not work on suppressing symptoms, nor do we work with substitutes - isolated vitamins and minerals are substitutes that cannot ever lead to true cellular regeneration, they can affect metabolic functioning but not repair cellular capacity. 

  • The enzyme therapy we use assists in the cellular detoxification, which results as a consequence of cellular malfunction. Yes the body is supposed to be able to detox itself but it stops being able to do so when cells begin to malfunction when they are not able to adapt to stressors.
  • Peptides are the only way to restore cellular function and correct DNA expression, fast and precisely which is why peptide therapy is part of most of our protocols.
  • Then we work with high grade nutraceuticals which are mostly wholefood based and high grade herbal formulations to support metabolic functions and glandular restoration

Within our MASTERMIND and in our 1:1 coaching programs we also address the psycho-spiritual and mental aspects of healing and provide a lot of guidance in terms or nutrition, fasting and exercise to support full body regeneration 

We address any and every dis-ease with the understanding that:

  • No dis~ease occurs in isolation
  • Aging is = to cellular malfunction and therefore restoring cellular function must be the focus
  • The neuro-endocrine system is the first system that is always affected and impaired no matter what the dis~ease
  • We are all dealing with an unprecedented onslaught of toxins that surpasses most bodies ability to deal with them
  • Even hormonal issues should not be addressed with HRT but that the first approach should always be correcting cellular malfunction of the neuro-endocrine system and intoxication
  • Capacity to adapt to stress is the real key to health and prolonged youth
  • Real cellular regeneration takes time and is never about suppression, which means healing will come with a degree of symptom retracing and what we call healing crisis which need not be overwhelming though, just understood and managed
  • Peptides are the only therapeutics with 40 years of science behind them proving their power in age reversal and telomere lengthening


Enlight.Life's products and services include:

Extensive standardized protocols for various symptoms and health concerns, including hormonal health, anti-aging, immune issues, complex gut issues and metabolic diseases and more.
Personalized and extensive health assessments , inclusive of DNA and epigenetic tests that help people identify the root of their health issues and/or address individual risk factors for disease and prevent cellular degeneration.
Personalized nutrition and health protocols to address metabolic and weight concerns 
Personalized fitness programs guided by our personal trainer for muscle building, strength training and body recomposition.




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