LongevityPro™ Longevity Supplements
LongevityPro™ Longevity Supplements
LongevityPro™ supplements offer nutritional support against metabolic disorders, aiding life extension. Packed with 11 key antiaging ingredients in one capsule, it enhances free radical protection, balances hormones, and improves immunity....


Scientific References

LongevityPro™ is a specialised nutritional support agent for those interested in life extension, and for those who have concerns with metabolic disorders. Apart from its plethora of synergistic agents, LongevityPro™ is more convenient for life extension enthusiasts to have 11 different key antiaging ingredients in one capsule to simplify your daily routine and is more cost effective.

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I3C (indole-3-carbinoyl

I3C is an extract from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cabbage etc. It has potent anti-estrogenic effects by helping the body to excrete excess estradiol via urination. This action can provide protection in several conditions, and it goes onto inhibit the adhesion, motility, and invasiveness of some cell lines.


This is another prominent flavonoid found in grapes that induces cell apoptosis. This trigger for cell cleaning is useful in senescence, (i.e., the removal of dead cells via autophagy). Quercetin is also noted as an antioxidant and additionally, it can reduce cholesterol and in-particular the ‘worst’ kind of cholesterol which is LDL.


Selenium is known to be a significant stimulator and modulator for the immune system and has been shown to have protective properties in both in-vitro and in-vivo studies. Another significant factor for selenium’s beneficial actions may be related to its ability to ‘deactivate’ the toxin mercury by binding to it.


Phosphatidylcholine is a component of all cell membranes and it used for various purposes. It influences programmed cell death, (apoptosis) and it appears that some unwanted cells are particularly vulnerable to this substance- all because phosphatidylcholine can penetrate through their fatty membrane sheath that surround them.


Phosphatidylserine is an important agent that can be made inside the body but is mainly obtained via food. It has widespread functions in the body since it is part of the inner-cell membrane structure, and it is a key in the maintenance of healthy cellular function.

Directions for Use

Take 1 to 3 LongevityPro™ capsules 3 times daily with or after meals.

Whilst most folks will be comfortable with just 3 capsules a day, those who have real metabolic concerns will want to consider a higher dose- as indicate

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