Pancreas Bioregulator (Nature’s Marvels™)
Pancreas Bioregulator (Nature’s Marvels™)
Pancreas Pro is a bioregulator that normalizes pancreatic function, regulating pancreatic enzymes and reducing sugar levels in diabetics. Its peptide bioregulator properties activate repair and regeneration. Developed from Russian military...


Scientific References

Normalizes the function of the pancreas

May be used to improve the performance of the PANCREAS by regulating the activity of the pancreatic enzymes, which that in turn have been shown to decrease sugar levels in diabetic patients and to have stabilised at the lower levels. It has also been shown to restore normal pancreatic tissue in patients with chronic pancreatitis. May be combined with the Pineal Bioregulator for diabetics.

Suprefort® complex A-1 (bovine pancreas source). Microcrystalline Cellulose (E460, flowing agent); Gelatin (encapsulating agent); Calcium Stearate (E470, emulsifier)

The Suprefort® complex in this product is derived from organ meats sourced from EU-reared beef cattle.

Suprefort® complex (bovine pancreas source)…..10mg


The mechanism of bioregulators means that they rarely have to be used every day. Therefore the typical programs that are recommended are as follows;

1. For healthy persons, wishing to support and maintain their condition, take 2 capsules once a day for 10 days (1 pack) and repeat every 3 months.

2. For persons, more concerned about their current condition, the program should be 2 capsules once a day for 10 days (1 pack), every month.

Daily dose contains: (2 capsules), 20mg
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