Going Beyond DNA For True Healing

Going Beyond DNA For True Healing

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In the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness, it's crucial to differentiate myth from fact.

Inside the recent "Heal Anything" masterclass, we shed light on some of the biggest misconceptions plaguing the health industry, emphasizing the lesser-known realities of detoxification, genetic mutations, and the overwhelming influence of our environment on our wellbeing.

The Power of Our Environments

Many people have begun to treat their DNA like it's the ultimate decider of their health - like there's some hidden treasure buried beneath the surface and only ONE way to find it... but the truth is, health is far more complex than that.

Reversing epigenetic expressions and truly regenerating requires time and a commitment to a lifestyle of continuous improvement and awareness.

YOU are mainly microbiome, not DNA!

Recent discussions and DNA studies have revealed that approximately 80% of the population possesses some form of DNA mutation, with common references to genetic polymorphisms like HLA gene and MTHFR. While these mutations are often viewed as life sentences and hurt our ability to detoxify or heal, they are not the only factors when it comes to the outcome of our health.

Genetics account for merely 25% of our total health equation, leaving a substantial 75% influenced by our genome and lifestyle choices.

It's important to shift the focus from a definitive view of our health as it relates to DNA and genetics, and instead turn to the dynamic field of epigenetics, where lifestyle, diet, and environmental factors pave a much stronger path for us.

It's not about the hand we're dealt in terms of DNA, but rather how we play our cards through the choices we make daily.

Beyond DNA Testing

While DNA testing offers quick insights into individual weaknesses and provides validation, the reality is that the world's best healers and practitioners often don't need it to reverse serious conditions.


Because genes aren't everything. The majority of us have some gene SNPs, and NONE of us live in a natural world any longer, no matter how pristine we believe our life may be. That means we must address epigenetic expression.

DNA tests might show how compromised your health has been (and even your ancestors health), but remember, YOU hold the power to regenerate.

Regeneration transcends functional medicine, focusing on prompting the body to respond rather than react.

Health is a journey from reactivity to responsiveness, similar to planting a tree in the right soil and environment. Success lies in understanding the body's holistic nature and focusing on regeneration and detoxification processes common to all humans, regardless of genetic differences.

The true essence of healing and maintaining health revolves around nurturing the digestive and endocrine systems, ensuring efficient toxin elimination, and, most importantly, fostering a healthy microbiome. The latter has been increasingly recognized as more influential than our genetic blueprint, shaping not only our physical health but also our mental well-being.

A Journey to Regenerated Health

After years of navigating through misinformation and battling health issues, my own journey showcases the importance of continuous effort and education in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

This path isn't just about overcoming genetic predispositions or environmental challenges; it's about embracing a lifestyle of regeneration and understanding that, despite the complexities of our individual makeups, the fundamentals of good health remain constant for everyone.

To start your own journey of debunking myths and discovering the truths of holistic health, the "Heal Anything" masterclass is the place to be. It offers not just theoretical knowledge but practical strategies to navigate the often confusing and contradictory world of health and wellness. Click here to register for FREE today and get started.