The 21 day total autophagy cleanse was definitely a life-shifting experience. I've done other cleanses in the past but nothing like this. The ease and feelings of support that came from the top of the line products and Alexandra Cousins were literally in a class of their own. I was able to purge years of plaque and mucus/buildup in my intestines and liver in just a few days. I experienced moments of clarity and freedom as well as deep emotions rising and releasing. It's definitely a cleanse I will do again and again. I'm so grateful for Alex's determination and fearlessness in seeking and bringing these technologies to people like me who so desperately want to cleanse and repair years of damage done. We can live better and this 21 day cleanse with Alex Cousins' support is a powerful step in the right direction.

Stephanie Phillips

The 21 day detox fast has reset my digestion and eased my anxiety with my health issues. I loved the enzymes, and seeing what came out of my body with the flushes was incredible. Having the support and encouragement of Alex and the group really helped me stay motivated the whole way through😍

Lydia Lepine

WOW. I can’t say enough about how incredible and life-changing Alex’s 21-day autophagy cleanse is. After 3+ years of detox and cellular regeneration, I thought I was near the end of my journey and knew everything I needed to keep going myself. 
Until I got Covid and my body went completely out of whack. Covid hit my liver and endocrine system pretty hard, and by the time I felt bad enough to turn to the 21-day cleanse to jump start my healing, my gallbladder was suddenly rejecting almost everything I tried to eat, leaving me in unusual, severe digestive discomfort most of the time.
 Modern Western medicine would most likely have recommended gallbladder removal. No, thank you. When I reached out to Alex, she immediately suggested going all in with enzyme fasting and extra liver/colon flushes to maximize my 21 days. She wasn’t kidding.The liver flushes and 5 colons cleanses later, my liver, gallbladder and I are happy about food again. So far, my body is accepting everything I’ve fed it, and I’m digesting it even better than I did as an experienced detoxer/colon cleanser prior to Covid. I’m blown away by what a game changer Zencleanz enzymes are. They get the job done better than almost anything else out there, and they’re worth every penny, especially when combined with a long cleanse and Alex’s expert, intuitive guidance.
 I can’t wait to do another Zencleanz with Alex in the future. Because if my body responded that beautifully during a healing crisis, imagine how the products will optimize my health and regeneration as I continue my cellular regeneration journey.

Laura Zegar

“I feel led to share a snip it of my story,I have been living in the pit of poor health, IBS, Extreme digestive issues, depression , CFS, ER Visits, cardiologists,, ENT.s and I'm sure a host of other diagnosis.I put on 20-30 lbs,, I had every reason to have joy, but lost it somehow,,, A few years back I was on 4 medications, knowing that was not the solution, but not knowing where else to turn, I weaned myself off 3 of the 4 meds one year after receiving them. i have been juicing and "cleansing" for years ( so I thought) not knowing that 99% of what I was doing was making me sicker,, I was living in the pit,,( This all started about 4 years ago,, i was having physical meltdowns)
 By the providence of God, I found Alexandra Cousins. I started this lifestyle one month ago. There is much more to my story, but to shorten it up, i will list my hearings in the past 30 days,, (oh,, and a side note,, I have always loved fruit , but was taught to stay away from it , as i also had Candida issues..) 
I follow the Mucus free diet 95%.. 
 1. within the first 3-4 days i noticed it easier to get out of bed in the morning( this is a big one, i had to peel myself off the sheets,, horrible waking up feeling this was EVERYDAY) 
2. started dry brushing ( i have done this on and off for years) 
4. daily dry fasting 12-14 hrs ( will be starting 24 hr dry fast weekly, next week) 
5. i had a small tumor like thing, that was growing, on my finger ,,there is now a 80% reduction in the redness and 50% reduction in size!!! 
6. i had swelling behind my left knee( for years ) from an old injury, was getting worse, i won't go to the DR, they cant offer me healing,, the edema was to the point that i could barely squat,, and it was becoming hot and painful,,, within 2 weeks of mucus free , the swelling in my knee was completely gone !! and today i squat freely !!! 
7, some brain fog has lifted 
8. my colon doesn't ache like it used too 
 9. started acupressure for my gallbladder , noticed a difference in 2 days, 
 10.started the Lymph Buster 3 weeks ago,, i could only drink it twice a week to begin with,, now i drink daily from this divine ,, it is my morning joy 
11. started the Hamelin Melt workout,, i cant believe that it is not wiping me out, I haven't been able to work out for years, as it would wipe me out the next day,, 
12. i have lost some weight - better yet,, WASTE 
 13.. I am beginning to find hope again,, i went to church this morning and for the first time in YEARS,, i was able to worship God,, this is big for me..as I am a worshipper of God and it is my joy,, 
 I am weeping now,, tears of healing and joy,, There is a light in the darkness and I.SEE.IT !! I have much to learn, and I am ok with that,, I cannot believe how good i feel and i now have the tools to heal , (and am gathering more ) ,, I am smiling more,, laughing more,, my thought life has improved,,,, and my spirit is lighter,,, If you are on the fence about this healing lifestyle ,,, take the plunge and find your healing.. 
Thank you Alexandra 🙏🏻

Pamela B.

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