Exsula Superfoods PowrSlim
Exsula Superfoods PowrSlim
Exsula Superfoods PowrSlim
Control Your Appetite, Boost Energy The Energy Drink Replacement Sharpen Your Memory, Support Immunity


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Boost Energy – Control Appetite

Turn Fat into Energy

PowrSlim enables you to be in charge of your appetite. Transform the fat you don’t want into healthy, strong muscles.

97 Amazing Superfoods – 77 Digestive Flora

The energy from PowrSlim is a smooth boost. Not jittery, and without crashing later.

  • Your mind will feel awake and crystal clear with enhanced creativity and memory recall.
  • Athletic performance will soar, including more enjoyment from sex for both men and women.
  • Enhances your bowel regularity, and this strengthens your  immunity.
  • You will have deep cellular cleansing and detoxification.
  • Reduced joint pain helps you become more active and get more done.

Enjoy these Superfoods, Probiotics, Amino Acids and so much more. The ingredients replace a cabinet-full of supplements. Providing hundreds of nutrients.

Exsula Superfoods, PowrSlim

PowrSlim is a premium quality superfood packed with 160mg of natural caffeine per serving.

100% LifeCrafted ingredients are WildCrafted, Organic, Pure Cultures or Responsibly Farmed.

Tests free of agricultural chemicals.

Serving Size: 2 level teaspoons/8 ml/10,650 mg
Servings/Container: approximately 30

PowrSlim Proprietary Blend

SuperJuice Blend: Orange, Passion Fruit, Apple Cider Vinegar & Malic Acid, Raspberry, Red Beet, Acerola Cherry, Elderberry, Schizandra, Ginger, Lemon, Lime, Monk Fruit, Pineapple, Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Aronia, Sea Buckthorn, Cranberry, Blackberry, Nutmeg, Cayenne, Sumac Berry, Black Currant, Bilberry, Noni & Strawberry.
Strata-Flora Biome™: Xylitol, Agave Inulin, Glucomannan, D-Mannose, 77 Types of Benefcial Probiotic Flora, Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth & Charcoal.
Cellulon™: SuperFood Sunfower Lecithin (1,610 mg), Royal Jelly (3:1=210 mg equivalent) & CoenzymeQ10 (60 mg).
Dynamic Herb Blend™: Bamboo Sap, Coral Pure Sea Minerals, Nova Scotia Dulse, Kelp, Garcinia Cambogia, Hoodia, African Mango, Rooibos, Green Wild Oat, Fo-Ti, Maca, Cordyceps, Forskohlii, Caralluma, Cistanche, Gotu Kola, Siberian Ginseng, Red Euphoria Fruit, Shilajit, Dunaliella, Rose Buds, Pine Pollen.
Free-Form Amino Acids: L-Taurine (750mg), L-Arginine (100mg), L-Carnitine (70mg ), Creatine Monohydrate ~ (70mg), GABA (60mg).
Avave™: (HighTech ‘Hypo-Allergenic‘ Enzyme-Digested Saccharomyces Cerevisiae As 17 Specifc Cultured Complexes – A Rich Source Of Vitamins, Minerals & Trace Elements, Plus Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Biofavanoids, MannanOligoSaccharides(MOS) & Isofavones.
Energy Blend Extracts: Green Tea, Matcha Green Tea, Trans-Ferulic Acid (TFA), Pineapple Bromelain, Red Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Red Coffee Fruit, Green Coffee Bean, Yerba Mate, Cocoa Bean & ORMUS Silver.
Aleipho Elaia™ Precious Oils: Coconut, Oils of Olive (7 Types), Himalayan Salt (10mg), Plus Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Sweetgrass, Rose Wood, Galbanum, Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard, Clary Sage, Cedar Leaf, Lemon Eucalyptus, White Sage, Cinnamon Leaf, White Rose, Oud, Iris & Blue Lotus.

And No Other Ingredients.

Tested Free Of Farm Chemicals.
Well Tolerated By Virtually All Individuals.

Contains No: GMO, Grain Kernel Gluten, Corn, Soy, Nuts, Dairy, Egg, Shellfish, Starch, Stearate, Gelatin, Binders, Fillers or Coatings. No Added Sugars, Chemical Sweeteners, Colors, Flavors or Preservatives.

PowrSlim Nutrition Facts

Not Available

Directions for Use

Mix it with water, juice, smoothies or add to salads, yogurt or applesauce.

If you are new to PowrSlim, begin with 1/2 teaspoon at breakfast.

Build up to 1 teaspoon/50 lbs of body weight/day.

Increase or decrease depending on your specific need.

Ramp Up Gradually

Shake into 8-16oz of pure water and/or your favorite juice.

Or blend into ice, fruit, yogurt and juice.

You may also go for a booster serving later before exercise.

These 2 servings are not intended to replace more than snacks and one meal per day.

Store cool and dark with cap on tight.

Once opened, best kept frozen and consume within 12 months.

Store in the refrigerator or freezer to protect live enzymes and extend product potency.

After opening, the fridge is OK for 1 year; freezer is OK for 3 years.

Recommended Use

Take charge of your appetite and turn fat into energy with superfoods, probiotics, amino acids and so much more.


Contains Caffeine. Keep out of reach of children.

Not for pregnancy, children or pets.

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