At the base, this is our digestive enzyme supplement. The one you carry and take after your meals. Recommended to promote digestion, to increase the absorption of nutrients in the...


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This highly concentrated digestive enzyme powder breaks down starches, cholesterol, fats, and proteins. Quantum Particles promote digestion, absorption of nutrients in the blood, and soothe inflamed intestines. It is the best immediately after meals as a digestive aid or take on an empty stomach to soothe some inflammation.

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Rich in natural enzyme nutrients, this enzyme powder helps to break down starches and cholesterol in foods to prevent obesity. Efficiently treats stomachaches, stomach acid, abdominal distension, and indigestion. By breaking food down efficiently, Quantum Particles support complete absorption and elimination and help keep the intestinal environment clean. This blend improves gastrointestinal functions and frees the liver and gallbladder from the extra burden. As an anti-inflammatory, it is especially helpful for people with severe gastrointestinal issues. In short, it has two main functions, first to break down foods and increase the absorption of nutrients in the blood, and second, to soothe inflammation. Quantum Particles are a digestive aid if taken immediately after meals and an anti-inflammatory if taken between meals.

To Who do we recommend this product: Everyone eating cooked foods or those who have inflammatory issues. Suitable for anyone over 8 years old.


Take one sachet twice a day, after lunch and dinner. Let it melt in your mouth or mix it with warm water (Less than 40°C).

STORAGE: Store under cool and dry conditions.

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